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Fire Extinguishers

2KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher

2KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher

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CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) extinguishers are typically used on fires in live electrical equipment as they use a clean agent gas to extinguish fires without causing a mess, or contaminating sensitive electronics. The gas is non-conductive and is the recommended choice for any electrical fire and works by displacing the oxygen that a fire needs to sustain itself.

The CO2 extinguisher also comes with a Class B rating, which certifies its use on Flammable Liquid fires (petrol, diesel, solvents, etc.)

CO2 Should not be used on be used on Class A risks (Solid Combustibles – paper, wood, cardboard, textiles, etc.), Class C risks (Flammable Gases – Propane, Butane, etc.) or Class F risks (cooking oils & fats).

All of our CO2 units are manufactured in accordance with IS EN3 and the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Also available in 5 Kg version

Non-ferrous versions available for use around MRI Scanners and other sensitive environments. Contact us for more details


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